RED SHAWL (Women’s Organization)


Red Shawl envisions strong and vibrant communities through engaging, inspiring and transforming women lives. We create opportunities for women to make a difference by gaining self-confidence and awareness of their capabilities. As a women’s community organization we work on engaging women to make a difference.

The stark truth according to recent reports in Canada is that:

  • Women and girls comprise just over half of Canada’s population
  • Women on average make lower income than men
  • 1 out of every 5 female employees earn less than $10 per hour
  • Most poor women are working, but can’t earn enough to lift themselves out of poverty
  • 4 out of 10 Canadian adults are deemed to have low literacy skills

The transformational truth is that when a woman’s life is improved, the children’s lives are improved also, which enables families to become resilient and contribute to better communities. It is said that all children deserve the right to be adored; we believe that all mothers deserve the opportunity to adore and nurture their children. Studies have shown that with even a small but steady stream of income women are able to save cash, provide improved education for their children, have better households and more expendable funds. A mother’s reading skill and vocabulary score is the greatest determinant of her children’s future academic success; it outweighs the effect of income and socioeconomic status.

Red Shawl promotes this transformational truth. A woman with a steady stream of income; means improved families and communities. A mother who reads to her child every night means better academic and economic success of future generations.

Our objectives are to:

  • Provide assistance to women for acquiring skill-based courses
  • Provide household items and clothing to the needy
  • Provide seed money for small home-based businesses
  • Facilitate improved literacy for women

Red Shawl needs you to realize the transformational truth in every woman’s life.  Think about what your mother did for you to be the person you are today. Think about what you have done for your children. Now think about making this a reality for women who cannot do it for their children.

Your engagement will give a woman the opportunity she deserves to adore and nurture her children.

Red Shawl is holding its inaugural luncheon on September 28, 2013 at Braeben Golf Course, Mississauga. The theme is “Wholesome Life”; it will be an opportunity to network, hear politicians, visit the market place and listen to an inspirational speaker.  All the proceeds from the luncheon will go to Red Shawl programs such as fee coverage for a skilled based course, literacy course, seed money for a small home based business, household items and furniture for the virtual warehouse.

To learn more about Red Shawl or how you can get a ticket for the luncheon, serve as a sponsor or donor for this luncheon please feel free to contact us.


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