Humble Request by ACAC

October 15, 2013 § 5 Comments

15-10-2013 3-59-14 PM


§ 5 Responses to Humble Request by ACAC

  • Amra says:

    Dear Faraz,

    Please forward my massage to the Asian Christian Alliance church (ACAC), That CCASA GTA agrees with them 100%, We should all perform our duties according to our goals and objectives of our constitution And let the churches and pastors handle the religious parts.

    Thank you
    Amra Yamin ( President of CCASA GTA).

  • Javed says:

    Very good. God bless your thinking.

  • Nadeem says:

    I like the suggestions….

    Thank you for being bold and making such requests!

  • CCA says:

    Dear Hon. Pastor Carol Patrick,

    You have made some good suggestions especially not to defile the churches, we request that you take the lead to bring these suggestions to fruition.

    Just to add to suggestions, we request that all churches should agree to have one United Christmas, Easter and Good Friday Worship Services, and one United Convention, Christmas Carol, and Memorial services(These should be led by all the Churches). Donations raised on these events should be used to pay the expenses and balance to help the people in times of need like in Canada,India and Pakistan etc. In addition, there should be one Christmas Banquet hosted jointly by all organizations and supported by all churches.

    In conclusion, CCA, has always been at forefront to support the above points and would be the first one to join hands to promote unity regarding above.

    Canadian Christian Association(CCA)

  • ICV says:

    Dear respected Pastor Carol Patrick,


    It’s indeed a very wise suggestion and we from ICV platform fully endorse it. We are more happy with the message shared by CCA, and we also endorse such unity level that our whole community here should act intelligently. Therefore, we are with you and fully endorse that Churches should take their part, where it is needed service should be held jointly. Like the remembrance service of martyrs in Peshawar should have been done by our local South-Asian churches and other parties, political or social should have joined and strengthened their hands.

    at this point we would like to encourage you to step ahead and invite all pastros and other community leaders to hold a joint meeting. Since you have taken the lead and you must be having more ideas, therefore, we encourage you to organize a meeting and ICV is with you in holding the meeting, CCA has already shown their desire. So please move ahead, with the hope that other parties and pastors will be joining you.

    Secondly we would like to encourage for one united convention and carol service; and if possible then joint Easter service as well. we believe that same idea was behind forming council of churches here in Brampton. We wish that this should also be considered and if possible then without keeping oneself for glory, our bodies, actions and desires should Glorify Jesus name.

    Thank you and God bless Canadian Pakistani Christians.

    ICV Executive Members

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