Lets be United to Save the Nation: Pakistani Canadian Christian

May 1, 2012 § 18 Comments


Dear John Gill (CCA) / Faraz Saleem,

Please forward this email to all Pakistani Canadian Christian Community.


Dear All Pakistani Canadian Christians,

We are approaching you through this letter with heavy heart and burden over the present situation of our Pakistani Canadian Christians.

We would like to mention few concerns which have aroused during the past few months especially after the martyrdom of Mr Shahbaz Bhatti.

We all are agreed that as Pakistani Christian, we are very much highlighted internationally and accepted after the assassination of Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti especially with the Canadian Government.

They valued and recognized the martyrdom of Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti and announced the office for religious freedom. There were lot of opportunities and many benefits to receive from the Canadian Government for the marginalized Christians in Pakistan and Canada. But we have not yet achieved our goals towards the community welfare. In the present situation it seems that we are going to lose everything day by day.

As common Pakistani Canadian Christians our hearts are really ached on this situation and want to stand in the gap to unite the community for the betterment and strengthen of our nation. We want to support the selfless efforts of Mr.Shahbaz Bhatti for the oppressed community of Pakistan. Who dedicated his life to the “struggle for human equality, social justice, religious freedom, and to uplift and empower religious minorities’ communities”.

Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti wanted to send “a message of hope to the people living a life of disappointment, disillusionment and despair”, and also stated his commitment to reforming the country’s blasphemy laws. Our ultimate goal is to get benefits from Canadian Government; those benefits are build-up in Canadian Government Office because of Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti’s efforts and sacrifice.

Therefore regardless of our differences we should stand and support this vision as Pakistani Canadian Christians to achieve these goals. Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti struggled to fulfill his vision through International Christian Voice. International Christian Voice is recognized organization and in the better position with Canadian Government because of Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti.

We would like to encourage ICV to actively come forward and use its network with the Canadian Government to help all the marginalized Christians and its leadership team to continue to work with all community leaders, organizations, churches and laymen to strengthen the voice of the marginalized members of our faith in Pakistan.” “This can only work best if we all stand together as one voice and team!”

We would like to alarm all of you that if we will remain in present situation of unity, we will lose all the opportunities which are
aroused for the welfare of our nation. Our nation seems to be divided into different small segments and groups. As common members of the community we don’t want to promote any particular organization and even don’t want to give impression that we
are against others.

We just want to support the cause and martyrdom of Mr. Shabaz Bhatti.

We wish all organizations to continue to work together for the betterment of our community.


United to save the nation

Email: join2savenation@gmail.com

Note: Kindly response to this email address for your suggestions and concern. We will appreciate your all the sincere suggestions to strengthen this thinking. If you agree with it please reply with a simple YES.

Aftab Rana & family             647 401 3509      

Tanveer Joseph & family             647 261 2113      

Kaleem Zaman & family             416 805 0186      

Max Gill & family             647 281 5283      
Adil Rahi & family             289 752 2932     

Asher John & family             647 831 6619      

Simon John & family             647 719 6661      

Rachel Justin & family             416 831 1207      
Qasir Iqbal & family             289 752 7022      

Philip Patrick & family             647 290 0762      
Raja Harrison & family             905 488 1987      

Javed Iqbal & family             416 899 1084      
Faraz Saleem & family             416 274 5203      

Faroon Shaw & family             905 970 1482      
Ricky Wilson & family             647 774 5251      

Robinson Robert & family             647 567 1802      
Raza Thompson & family             289 752 4236      

Azeem Francis & family             416 414 3935      
Jerald Horace & family             416 732 8279      

Edward Nelson & family             306 251 0255      
Bert Dean & family             416 261 3878      

Jackson Shaukat & family             416 873 6910      

Adil Gill & family             647 701 0446      

David Samuel & Family             416 578 3536      
Dheer Demelo & family             905 756 4083      

Keith Chaudhry & family             647 835 0004      
Ian Chaudhry & family             647 702 5737      

Arshad & family             416 859 9786      
Asher John & family             647 831 6619      

Glen Machado & family             647 893 4536      
Tony Nasir & family             905 799 9157      

Nina Sheikh & family             905 454 7393      
Anthony Peter & family             416 930 4094      

Pamela Machado & family             905 789 8018      
Lester D’Silva & family             647 299 7539      

Sunil Parshad & family             647 267 5262      
Shamyl Atta Ullah & family             647 710 1376      

Nawaz John & family             647 896 1779      
Eric Fahim & family             416 986 8588      

William & family             905 970 1503      
Jimmy Dean & family Abid Rafi & family             416 951 2264      
Pastor Johnson Samuel             416 561 0701      

Dominic Dsouza & family             905 840 3179      
Mary Tailor & family             905 459 0595      

Emmanuel Kamara             416 859 2165      
Anwar Khan & family             416 358 8150      

Anil Jackson & family             647 929 7397      
Sweeta Gill & family             647 701 1268      

Malik James & family             647 389 9197      
Paul Gill & family             416 704 7056      

Sabir Masih & family             905 566 0808      


§ 18 Responses to Lets be United to Save the Nation: Pakistani Canadian Christian

  • A.J.Mark & Family says:


  • A.J.Mark & Family says:

    PH:647 403 6355

  • Rev. Sulememan Khokhar & family says:

    Yes good idea.

  • Emmanuel and Parveen Khadam says:

    lets go for it folks.

  • Robin And Maria Nelson says:

    Great idea.

  • agnes massey says:

    Dear brother-in-Christ:

    The person who is dreaming to take responsibilities of 20 million Christians of Pakistan and hold a very challenging office of Religious Freedom and Human rights should be highly educated to understand human rights ,able to handle situation nationally and internationally with democratic values and it should not be a one man show because our voiceless suffering community is facing
    multiple problems of lives.Our community is badly scattered and there is not a single leader to bring them on platform.United we stand,devided we fall.

    Agnes Massey (Pakistani Canadian)
    Lawyer, High Court LHR, Pakistan
    Passed three courses for the certification of Bar
    Human Rights Activist since 1970
    Founder : Anjuman Bahbood-e-Khawateen-O-Bachgan (Regd) 1973
    established projects for the poorest of poors with branches in LHR.
    Former Member: Council for Minorities affairs, Government of Pakistan 1988-91
    Former elected President: All Pakistan Christian Lawyers Association 1987-88
    Founder: CCPC present CCA
    Member: Conservative party of Canada

  • Sandeep says:

    A house divided against itself cannot stand!

  • javed says:

    wonderful ida keep it up

  • Suleman Jacob says:

    This is a great idea. It is terrible that our community leaders cannot sort out their difference. It truly is sad! Now is not the time to have policitical fights, now is truly the time to regroup and focus!

  • Lubna Manzoor says:

    May Jesus Hold Us All In The Palm Of His Holy Hand Ameeeeen

  • Rev. James Luke via email says:

    Dear All,

    The idea of standing united it very good. I think no one is against it. I along with my family am totally with you. However, we must approach this unity very cautiously. Devil always is prowling like a lion to devour any one who wants to do God’s work. The book of Acts spells out early Church unity in the best way. They even broke break together. I am not here to give a sermon but let it be a sermon too.
    We must take the following steps to bring about this unity.
    1. 1. We must be honest in our approach. We usually say something but do otherwise.

    2. 2. We must be able to recognize our leadership. We must have one leader. Every one cannot be a leader. Unless we do that we will never be united and we will have no voice. The Govt. Of Canada is always looking for unity so that they can help. Right now they know we are so much divided that there are all kind of voices, they are hearing therefore are hesitant to extend a helping hand.

    3. 3. How do figure out your able leadership. Select a leader, who has

    (a) Proper education so that he/she can interact with the Govt. And other faiths in the best possible manner.

    (b) The person should have enough experience in man management.

    (c) The person should have enough knowledge about his own faith as well as other faiths.

    (d) The person should have served the community in some form.

    (e) The person must have some achievements in life both in secular and religious field.

    (f) As given in the book of Timothy, his/her own family must have a clean record. If his family is not God fearing or is doubtful then how could he/she manage the affairs of other especially a nation.

    (g) He/she should be a good orator/speaker with good command of both languages i.e. English and Urdu. What you could do is to get their resumes, select 2-3 persons and let them debate on their programs which they may have for the community. This should be attended by all who want unity. And then after the debate, one person should emerge as the leader. You have seen that in American election, how many debates have been going on! Let us do as the educated class does.
    4. Unless we look into this honestly and with prayers, we will never be united . A lot of water has passed under the bridge. We all do well in this great country. Make sure we look into this unity passionately and honestly.

    5. We should be honest enough to reject any approach which comes from different angle and is infested with person agenda. Boycot those meeting and raise your voice though media and thru people to reject that kind of leadership and bold enough to say so on any platform.

    Submitted for your consideration with total humility. If you like my comments, then please share it with others as well.

    God bless you all.

    Rev. James Luke

    • agnes massey says:

      I agree for debate which is a good idea from Rev. James Luke . His second proposal is Resumes
      which is also a good idea.These two ideas could bring our community on one platform to decide
      their true leader who could be fully equiped and capable to lead our voiceless scattered people with his/her education,passion to work in the fields of human rights,legal and social justice
      nationally & internationaly and draw true picture of our suffering under prevelaged community
      infront of the whole world.Please, invite resumes those who are interested to take part in debate.
      and don’t deprive anybody who is interested for this open debate with resume.Thanks a lot.

      Agnes Massey
      email: agnesfmassey@gmail.com

  • agnes massey says:

    I am not against anybody who so ever is trying to bring our scattered suffering community on one platform but I am surprised at the attitude of Mr. Aftab Rana, my Brother-in-Christ who arranged a protest rally against brother Late Shahbaz Bhatti in May 2009 on the plea that he is giving wrong statements to Christian countries and doors of asylum has been closed for them. Please, refresh your memory and let us know what was the actual fact and what made you change your opinion,
    We must be very straightforward before our suffering community of 20 million Christians. We all wish unity, otherwise we could not achieve benefits from U S, Canada and the rest of Christian world.Let us pray together that our LORD JESUS CHRIST show us the true leader like MOSES
    who could bring our scattered community on one platform. Amen

    Agnes Massey

  • James Masih says:

    Do not support the message sent out, a couple of bad apples misleading the community for personal gains.

  • Faraz Saleem says:

    Dear Community Leaders,

    I am writing as a layman and youth of our Canadian Christian Pakistani Community.

    I just want to say that I have seen and heard a lot of back and forth in regards to the “office of religious freedom” and being neutral and not affiliated to any organization or person I have heard from most of you on this email threat. May be its because I manage the http://www.sachristian.com, community forum or some other reason, I am not really sure.

    Our community as mentioned by many under the comments section of the “save community plea” post on sachristian.com is divided. If the idea is to find a leader who will represent us at the highest level of the Canadian Government why don’t we hold a democratic election process. This will eliminate internal tussle between new and existing organizations as well as set an example for our future generations.

    The process will be simple, we will hold electoral debate just like municipal, provincial and federal leadership elections. We can hold these debates at a conference hall, or centre, and invite all members of the community. The debates can be rebroadcasted on YouTube for members who were unable to attend. This will give our current and potential leaders a chance to showcase their skills and highlight their vision for the community.

    After holding 2 of these debates we can conduct an election process which will be democratic and fair.

    Once a new leader, or leadership team is chosen, we will designate their names to the Canadian government and stand behind them as one nation.

    This is just my personal suggestion and does not carry any hidden agenda. This can work in making us stronger provided we all drop our personal preferences and really think, as one unit, for our community.

    If you feel the burden for the community please reply all with your thoughts.

    On this list: (no preference)

    1.) Pastor Suleman Akthar
    2.) Pastor Samuel Ghori
    3.) Mr. Shahdab Khokhar
    4.) Mr. Tabassum Iqbal
    5.) Mr. Obaid Choudhary
    6.) Mr. Shahid Faroqq
    7.) Mr. Shahbaz Sindhu
    8.) Mr. Barket Gill
    9.) Mr. Javed Iqbal
    10.) Mr. Javed Dean
    11.) Bishop. Edwin Riaz
    12.) Mr. Pervaiz Masih
    13.) Rev. James Luke
    14.) Mr. Aftab Rana
    15.) Mr. Robin Wasti
    16.) Pastor Peter Paul
    17.) Ms. Agnes Massy
    18.) CCA
    19.) CCASA
    20.) Mr. Vincent Samuel
    21.) Pastor Carol Patrick
    22.) Ms. Sareena Samuel
    23.) Mr. James Malik
    24.) Mr. Augustine James
    25.) Mr. Albert Kenneth
    26.) Mr. Asher Habib

    Ps: If I have forgotten to send this email to potential leaders, please forward it to them for their response and input.


    • Jim Joseph says:

      The message of a favourism to support a single organization has been circulated to public at large through your website and you still call yourself a neutral body, you are a part of conspiracy.

      The message clearly states of your intention and as well as intension of a number of rotten eggs to support an organization of choice, the name is clearly visible. These rotten eggs played a dirty game to settle their personal scores and to divide the community, furthermore to undermine those individuals took a stand to unite the community under one umbrella.

      The consent of the community members was begged over the phone in the name of unity under one umbrella and not to support an individual organization. It is of note that the message sent out clearly indicate to stand behind a single organization, the consentees were disappointed after reading the message of favourism.

      After your circulation, the ICV Chairman got energized and to reduce his frustration he took the opportunity to circulate his message public at large through your website highlighing the achievements and full of accusation toward those struggling for true unity.

      Mr. Saleem, forget about debates among the community members/leaders and do not pretend to be chief-of-staff. The Churches and organizations should carry out their activities as usual, but if they unite under one umbrella for common cause could benefit scattered community.

      Jim Joseph

  • Rose says:

    The only reason we are called out from this world is to go back in the darkness of this world with the light of Christ. Is it too hard to understand that no single organization, no single social worker, no single leader or a lawyer has any ability to do anything. God has already given us our ultimate leader, our ONLY LEADER His Son, Jesus Christ. Pray, pray and pray to Him and only He has the ability to move all kinds of mountains no matter how tall they are. We are already divided beyond division and this is enemy’s another plan to further divide us. Stand united and stand firm on the solid foundation and just call uponthe name of Jesus Christ. There is no mountain too hig, no valley too deep for Him to overcome. He can make a way when there seems to be no way. May Lord Jesus open our eyes, hearts and minds and unite us in His ultimate love.

  • Agnes Massey says:

    Dear brothers & sisters in Christ:

    There is no solid program from UNO and Christian countries to save lives of Pakistani Christians under extreme religious hatred and sword of blasphemy laws with its misuse on the innocent voiceless lambs of JESUS (Christians) Please, don’t stop your struggles till Western world will
    open doors of asylum for Pakistani Christians like Ahmedyya & Muslim Shia communities and
    take late Nelson Mandola as your roll model who never gave up and won his battle for freedom and humanity. Please start active debate again till get real freedom of religious harmony for
    Christians living in Pakistan if not possible then open doors of asylum for them in the name
    opened the closed door of HEAVEN for the whole HUMANIY.
    EVANGELIST & internationally licenced lawyer with life membership of LHR High Court Bar
    Association, Pakistan.
    Special representative & consultant of Christian Lawyers Association (CLAP) for international
    affairs in Canada.
    Human Rights activist since decades

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