Shahbaz Bhatti Protest (Toronto)-Mar 4th

March 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

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We would like to request your presence at the protest organized to honour the Federal Minister Shahbaz Bhatti’s brave and selfless sacrifice for the right of the Minorities and especially for voiceless Christians of Pakistan.

We would also like to request the Pakistani Christian community members to spread this word around so as many as possible can come to part take in this historical event.

Date:                            March 4th 2011

Time:                            1 pm to 3 pm

Venue:                          Queens Park

Address:                       Queens Park Crescent E, Toronto, ON

PS. We request for participants to dress according to the weather.

For further details please contact

Shahbaz Sindhu:           647 388 5348

Tabassum:                   416 825 9665

Obaid Newton:              647 829 6252

Sabastian Gill:               905 799 3076

Augustin James:           647 772 3373


§ One Response to Shahbaz Bhatti Protest (Toronto)-Mar 4th

  • Celine de Silva says:

    This is an open letter I sent yesterday to
    Archbishop Lawrence John Saldanha, Chairperson of Pakistan Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop of Lahore

    Dear Archbishop Saldanha,

    Your Grace, as striving to be faithful Catholics in Canada, we are in union of prayer and solidarity with the suffering Church in Pakistan.

    To us, Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti is a Martyr and a Saint. He blessed Canada with his presence less than a month ago and bore witness saying, “I love Jesus Christ I am willing to sacrifice my life…” so openly. In Canada, this is something not even Canadian priests or bishops will do openly, let alone politicians. The Blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the church.

    I am not from Pakistan, My large family and many friends are members of he Mystical Body of Christ the Catholic Church. We want our brother in Christ to be held up as a shining example, especially to Catholic politicians, Bishops, Priesta and the Catholic Faithful the world over, We want him to be declared a Saint. Please present his cause to the Pope as soon as possible. We are tired of politics under the guise of misguided charity.

    Although a miracle is not necessary for a martyr to be proclaimed a saint; I have already asked for a miracle for 13 months old Joseph Maraachli of Windsor Ontario whose parents at this very moment have a fight of their own with the authorities to keep their baby alive.

    In Canada we have an impoverished Church. We too are a suffering Church in a different way. We are tired of politics under the guise of misguided charity. Please pray for us too that God gives us the courage to stand up for our authentic Catholic Faith without compromising the Truth Who is Jesus Christ Himself as Saint Shabaz Bhatti did when he visited us in Canada less than a month ago and bore witness to Christ with his blood before the month was over.

    Asking your blessing and prayers
    In union of prayer and sacrifice in Jesus

    Saint Shahbaz Bhatti pray for us

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