–To the official website of South Asian Christian.

Through this website we hope to keep the local Christian community informed and connected to various community events happening in and around the Greater Toronto Area now and throughout the year.
This website will also connect you to various community churches and businesses operating in your neighborhood.  We encourage you to support our local churches & organizations by staying in touch and getting involved.
Through the  Church Info & Events Page we hope to provide you with information on upcoming church and organizational events happening in the GTA.
Through the Jobs Page we hope to connect the right individuals to the right organizations.
Through the Business Directory Page we encourage you to utilize the services of our Christian entrepreneurs as you see fit.
Through the Music Page you can listen to the most up to date “geet and zaboor” and other melodies from local and regional south asian artists.
Through the Online Community you can stay in touch with each other as well as discuss various challenges facing our community. Or discuss trade/commerce as you see fit!
South Asian Christian is a not for profit venture and does not charge any fee to publish, list or update contents of this website. This venture is powered by Easyway Financial to help grow and connect our community.
We encourage you to get involved and pass this link along to your friends, family and associates and ask you to pray for this venture, as we take on the massive task of organizing all of the information between our Pakistani, Indian, Bengali and Sri Lankan Christians & help network all of us as one unit.
For further information or to list your organization, event or businesses please email: faraz@easywayfinancial.ca
Blessings to you and your family in Jesus’ Almighty Name!